Modular Automation


We were tasked to create a Corporate video for Modular Automation in Shannon, County Clare.

Modular were very organised, from the get go they knew what video they wanted, they knew what key messages the video had to convey and the target audience. We just need to bring their vision to live and create concepts, through to story board and then production.

Like many facilities of this nature there was serious confidentiality constraints and therefore the planning process was even more important.

We had to deliver a film that reflected Modular Automations brand and create a clear narrative with a central message. We needed to show the human side of the company whilst also showing they are a global leader in automation using the latest cutting edge technologies. 

Modular Automation from True Media on Vimeo.

We worked closely with the team in Modular headed up by Ronan through our processes.  From:
Initial briefing to mood, feeling, sound design. VFX Design with our our animator Tim.  Below are some samples of how we used animation and VFX to bring to life and show the viewer some of the technology used at Modular.


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