More than 400 University of Limerick students were honoured at the 7th annual President’s Volunteer Award (PVA) ceremony held in the University Concert Hall. The students completed more than 22,000 hours of voluntary work across a range of civic and charitable organisations during the last academic year. In total, 401 people applied for this year’s PVAs, from across the student body, including undergraduate, postgraduate, mature and international students.


True Media were given the task to produce a video for the 2017 President’s Volunteer Award (PVA). From the first meeting we knew this would be a great project. Everyone who featured make this such a great project, from the serious message from The Limerick Suicide Watch, to the Aquatics Club and finally the Outdoor Pursuits Club.



UL Presidents Volunteer Award from True Media on Vimeo.


Also great to see True Medias images on the PVA website



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